• Your partner in achieving Due Diligence
  • Specialist services concentrating strictly on food and water safety
  • Market leaders in food hygiene quality control
  • A extensive portfolio of satisfied customers
  • One-stop shop solution for food & water safety needs
  • Certificate of Hygiene Assurance

  • 1. Your partner in achieving Due Diligence

    What is Due Diligence?

    Due Diligence requires catering establishments to undertake continuous and proper precautions as well as to monitor these interventions to avoid breaching food safety regulations. The new Food Safety Act requires the practice of Due Diligence from all caterers on a day-to-day basis. Evidence to this respect will be even more important in the unfortunate event of criminal proceedings being undertaken against the establishment in question. It is nowadays accepted that it is a defence for any person charged to prove that he/she took all reasonable precautions and exercised due diligence to avoid the commission of the offence.


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    Where does laboratory testing figure within a Due Diligence approach?

    Laboratory analysis is a highly effective method to document and record evidence of final compliance with recommended product standards and to show that HACCP protocols are being implemented and having the desired effect. Laboratory analysis by an independent third party will satisfy the need for audit, which is a mandatory requirement in all Due Diligence practices. It is also a useful self-improvement tool by pinpointing areas and practices that require improvement. In addition, as customer awareness is increasing, publicity of a quality assurance programme will recuperate the expenditure involved through increased clientele.

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    Why Quality Analysis Laboratory?

    Quality Analysis Laboratory is a private analytic laboratory dedicated primarily to food, water, and environmental microbiology. Being fully independent, we can guarantee absolute confidentiality to our clients. The laboratory is run by graduate technologists under the leadership of the leading food microbiologist in Malta. All analyses are performed according to protocols issued by the Public Health Laboratory Service of the United Kingdom. The result is a dependable hygiene and quality control service that is so crucial in modern catering industries. We are confident that we have matured into market leaders in this speciality.

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    Which services are offered?

    A wide variety of tests are offered to guarantee a complete service to the food manufacturer or caterer, whether this involves a one-off crisis management intervention or an on-going quality assurance policy. Food microbiological analyses performed range from total bacterial and coliform counts to more specialised analysis such as Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Listeria etc.

    Furthermore we can ensure that kitchens are maintained to the internationally recommended hygienic standards through swabbing of equipment, hands of employees and, if necessary, even air sampling.

    A wide range of water analysis is provided including bacteriological testing as well as a full range of chemical parameters including trace metals and other contaminants.

    All sampling is performed is performed by trained laboratory staff guaranteeing accuracy, impartiality and adherence to external audit guidelines. We also have a wide network of reference laboratories who can under specialised analyses which fall outside the remit of Quality Analysis Laboratory. Additionally, we appreciate that the modern catering industry requires a one-stop-shop facility for all its food safety needs. As a result we can efficiently answer all food safety requirements including training of food handlers, kitchen hygiene audits, formulation of HACCP systems; nutritional and chemical food & water testing.

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    2. Specialist services concentrating strictly on food and water safety

    Quality Analysis Laboratory has chosen voluntarily to specialise predominately on food, water and environmental analysis. We have taken this approach since feel that food and water hygiene is such a specialised and vast topic that unless one devotes all resources to the subject, true professional expertise will never be obtained.

    Established in 1992, Quality Analysis Laboratory has now achieved a reputation in Malta for providing dependable and cost effective the hygiene and quality assurance services so crucial in modern catering industries.

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    3. Market leaders in food hygiene quality control

    We are confident to have matured into market leaders in our speciality. This is illustrated by our working association with local leading entities such as the HCIMA (Malta Chapter) and the Malta Hotels & Restaurants Association.

    Furthermore, the laboratory has been featured in the Customer Column of the Sunday Times newspaper which has publicised establishments performing regular food analysis with Quality Analysis Laboratory as torch bearers in food hygiene in Malta and encouraged their custom.

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    4. A extensive portfolio of satisfied customers

    Over the years of operation, Quality Analysis Laboratory has built a portfolio of discerning clients both in the hospitality sector and also in other forms of industry.

    All have a common requirement for the professional, dependable, confidential and consistent service that Quality Analysis Laboratory continues to offer more than 10 years after its inception, which it regularly improves through on-going research & development.

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    5. One-stop shop solution for food & water safety needs.

    Quality Analysis Laboratory is affiliated with Hygiene Consultancy Services to guarantee its clients a one-stop-shop service incorporating all requirements of a modern pro-active hygiene programme. These include food hygiene training through customised lectures or Royal Society of Health® courses, kitchen audits and HACCP programmes.

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    6. Certificate of Hygiene Assurance.

    The Certificate of Hygiene Assurance scheme is a voluntary programme of hygiene auditing through third-party independent quality control. In this programme, Quality Analysis Laboratory personnel regularly visit the kitchens of these establishments, randomly and without previous notice, and take food samples as well as swabs from the surfaces, equipment and hands of personnel. These are then analysed in the laboratory utilising methods recommended by international organisations such as the PHLS (UK) to establish the standard of hygiene. The report thus pinpoints any areas which require improvement and these are then re-checked at the next audit.

    The certificate is only awarded to companies that have been audited at a frequency statistically relevant to their size of production and have obtained satisfactory or excellent ratings in more than 80% of samples analysed.

    To view current recipients click here.

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